• neem-oil-sunita-passi

    100% Pure Neem Oil 100ml


    True and untouched, Neem Oil is 100% cold-pressed neem oil, just as nature intended. A multi-purpose, high performance remedy harnessing its rich vitamin E content and nourishing fatty acids to hydrate cracked and parched skin. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, it helps to restore your skin’s natural elasticity and promote healthy radiant skin.

    Benefits: A regenerative powerhouse, our pure plant elixir is designed to tackle multitude of concerns including dry and damaged skin

    How to use: For the ultimate skin saviour, dilute our Pure Neem Oil with a carrier oil such as almond or sesame before applying to the body at 1:10 ratio. Enhance the aroma with a few drops of an essential oil for a sensory, spa-like experience.

  • hand-and-body-lotion-neem

    Flower-Powered Hand & Body Lotion 250ml


    Elevate your skincare regime with our wonderfully balanced body lotion for morning or evening. This moisture-binding blend of the finest natural ingredients, neem herbal extracts and essential oils includes lavender and jojoba to uplift and balance the senses while restoring suppleness to skin.

    Benefits: An alternative to body oil, this active and aromatic formula is suitable for all skin types

    How to use: Massage onto skin with gentle circular motions after shower, bath or anytime your body needs a burst of neem moisture

  • neem-super-balm

    Multi-Purpose Super Balm 30ml


    Meet the answer to all your skincare concerns. Hardworking and multi-tasking, this organic formulation is packed with sandalwood, almond oil, marjoram, sweet orange and of course neem. Use it to hydrate dry skin and relieve areas of the body that require extra attention. This powerful but gentle balm is so kind you can use it on babies.

    Benefits: Relieve and nourish dry skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis and stretch marks

    How to use: Test sparingly on target areas. Then massage onto the skin when needed, and reapply when necessary.

  • hand-and-body-wash-neem

    Refreshing Hand & Body Wash 250ml


    Awaken your body and senses with a gentle and energetic body cleanser that’s comforting and kind to your skin. This soap free formula contains a natural protein of neem, rich in moisturisers, and a blend of refreshing calendula and chamomile that will provide the perfect start to your day.

    Benefits: Suitable for all skin types, using naturally moisturising ingredients to cleanse and comfort the skin

    How to use: Use to wash hands or apply to your body in the bath or shower. Lather and smooth over the skin from head to toe. Rinse thoroughly

  • wildcrafted-bath-and-body-oil-neem

    Wildcrafted Bath & Body Oil 100ml


    Discover our cure-for-all in a bottle. This bath and body oil is stacked with therapeutic essential oils including sandalwood to ease aches and pains, ginger to kick start your circulation, and nutmeg for all round body rejuvenation.

    Benefits: A powerful tonic for joint pain, inflammation, swelling, arthritis, our Wildcrafted Bath & Body Oil strengthens and nourishes skin and joints

    How to use: Apply to body by lightly massaging into skin; use as desired