Get to know Neem

What makes this ingredient so special?

This unique super-ingredient may be relatively new to us here, but neem has a long and rich history in many parts of the world, and plays a significant role in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Derived from a large evergreen tree, populous in India, it’s used for countless purposes, thanks to its properties including carotene, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, thiamine, and several other chemical compounds.

Naturally hydrating, it’s used commonly to rebalance and rejuvenate skin and hair, and particularly powerful at soothing dry, flaky skin and blemish-prone skin and scalps.

A Unique Super-Ingredient!

Bringing Neem to the UK

Ayurveda might be 5,000 years in the making, and a fast-growing market in India and the Asian Pacific, but in the UK it’s flown somewhat under the beauty radar. Step in our founder Sunita, whose personal journey with neem began while seeking relief for her dad’s eczema and her client’s skin issues. As an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner, she deeply understands nature’s herbal healing power. Now, she’s keen to share this tradition with a wider audience, in the shape of Neem by Sunita Passi.

It’s the wonder-leaf worth waiting thousands of years for…

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