Neem recipes your gut will love

How drinking neem can support a healthy, happy gut

The focus on a happy gut is growing exponentially as more of us learn about the vital role it plays in our health, mood and beauty. Inside our gut lies trillions of bacteria, known as your gut microbiota, which can impact us in myriad ways, from immunity and sleep to stress and skin concerns. From the nutrition clinics to TikTok, there’s increased attention on how a happy gut is the key to better health; and that essentially, we truly are what we eat.

There are many ways to improve your gut health – and it’s not so drastic as some people might have you believe. The advice is simple: eat a diverse range of foods, particularly fermented foods (kimchi/tempeh/kombucha), legumes, fruits and vegetables – and neem can play an important part in boosting your gut health too.

Indeed, drinking neem can be integral to a healthy functioning digestive system, and people have been consuming it for generations for that very reason. It offers detoxifying properties, helping to flush out nasties from your system, while stimulating your kidney function – in fact studies have shown that neem juice can be beneficial in fighting liver damage. Furthermore, improved digestion and less bloating (and wind!) are common to regular neem drinkers.

With your gut taken care of, your skin and hair will love neem too. It contains high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and nutrients that benefit your health in a multitude of ways: clearer skin, immune support, better oral health and healthier, dandruff-free hair. Our 100% Neem Powder is made from premium quality Azhadiracta indica leaves and is hand-ground by our artisans in India – just as nature intended. You can drink neem at any time of the day, but some experts suggest taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to feel the full effects.

Nourishing neem tea

Take 2gm to 2.5gm (or ½ teaspoon) of 100% Neem Powder and boil it in 250ml water. Leave it to reduce to 100ml. Add a drizzle of honey to taste. Drink 100ml 2-3 times a week to feel the maximum benefits.

Refreshing fridge juice

Take a teaspoon of 100% Neem Powder, mix with 250ml glass of organic apple juice or whizz up using a blender. Add a pinch of organic coconut sugar to taste. Double the quantity and keep it in the fridge for a quick, refreshing drink